Greenhawk Burlington Hunter Derby


Registration closes September 3rd

Details for the Derby:

  • Posted Order will be shared by email - Groups of up to 6 at a time by trainer
  • All entries will get to ride one schooling round and BOTH derby rounds
  • Rounds will be live scored
  • Two rounds with natural obstacles
  • Offered at 2’6" and 3’ height options
  • Neck ribbons and prizes to 10th
    • Prize money: $175, $150, $125, $110, $100
    • Champion and Reserve Champion prizes courtesy of Greenhawk Burlington
  • Top 10 entries are welcome to stay at ship in area until victory gallop. Please do not crowd the ring.
  • Entry Fee $170 -  includes schooling fee, admin fees and taxes
  • Payment due by September 3rd to confirm registration - email transfers accepted at


Greenhawk Derby Registration Form

Schooling will run at same height
I hereby certify and agree that no helmet or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injury. I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless the organizers, employees, volunteers and their representatives. In the event that the rider named here participates in the Greenhawk Derby, he/she will wear a properly fitted, ASTM or BSI approved helmet.