Board Your Horse

Monthly Board

Vector Equestrian provides full service board. Service includes:

  • Your choice of two of the following each week:
    • one hour group lesson
    • half hour private lesson
    • training ride
  • Hay four times daily and grain twice daily
  • Oil and salt in feed as required
  • Feeding of supplements (owner provided)
  • Group or individual turnout, as needed
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Blankets/boots for turnout
  • Attendance at vet and farrier calls
  • Basic first aid care, as required


Training Package

Interested in a stronger program? Add either 3 training rides per week or 1 group lesson and one training ride per week to your monthly board


Part Boarding

This option is perfect for riders who would like to increase their time in the saddle without taking on the commitment associated with owning their own horse. There are several horses available for part-board for all levels.

Part-board includes:

  • Use of the horse of your choice
  • 2 group lessons or half hour private lessons and 1 practice ride per week
  • Use of the horse for horse shows