"Here's to all the school horses, the ones that taught you to ride. The ones with endless patience, and the one horse you loved. The one that was never yours, but continues to gnaw away at your heart."

We need your help!

Have a favourite Vector school horse? Did one of our horses teach you or your family member to ride? They miss seeing you as much as you miss seeing them! We need your help in this challenging time. With extremely reduced lesson income and no certainty of when things will go back to full capacity we are concerned with the amount of money needed to keep the school horses going. By 'sponsoring a schoolie' you will help provide them with the basic needs over the next few months to weather the pandemic until lessons resume. Our wonderful horses have provided us with selfies & bios below. Please fill out the form below and indicate which type of donation & horse(s) you are interested in.

Special Opportunity ! Send in a video of you on course or in a lesson and head coach Jenny Lineker will send you a back a commentary. Cost - $30 donation


1/2 Schoolie Sponsorship - Feed & Hay - $150/month

1/2 Schoolie Sponsorship - Bedding & Farrier - $150/month

Voluntary donation of amount over $75



*Indicates additional benefits only provided by Schoolie Sponsorship



Weekly photo updates from Schoolie*

Weekly video updates from Schoolie*

Personalized Thank You Card

Invitation to Appreciation BBQ Social



All individuals who donate over $75 will gain access to weekly webinar sessions held by the coaches at Vector. These videos will touch on educational topics such as horse anatomy, care, training/riding advice etc. UPDATE: The webinar series is now concluded however, with your donation you will receive the recordings of 8 unique & educational sessions!

Check us out, we had a lot to say:


Hi! I hear you might want to sponsor me! Well, let me tell you why that’s a good idea. I’ve done lots of super cool things in my life! Did you know that I’ve been in a jousting competition before? It was neat but I think I like jumping more. I spent many years in the jumpers and hunters before getting to teach riders at Vector. Do you want to know what else I love? Treats! Apples, carrots, and mints are some of my very favourites. I also really love itching my face. I hope I don’t itch on you by accident. I need my own personal scratching post.

Thank you to my sponsors:

April -Ehren & Laura

May 0.5 - Platt Family

May 0.5 - Judy Barr 

*June & July Available


Hi, my name is Chase, but once upon a time it was Liddell. I started out my career as a racehorse and I have a cool tattoo on my lip to prove it. In the winter of 2016, I moved into my forever home at Vector. I competed in the Challenge series in 2017 and had lots of fun! In 2018, I introduced my rider into the Trillium circuit. I was definitely not the fanciest horse in my division but that didn’t stop me from winning first place ribbons! Everyone thinks I’m super cute and friendly! I love to give kisses and I love everything about being a school horse. I can teach beginners how to ride or I can jump around a course! They don’t call me Good Sir for nothing! I’m a pretty cool dude so I think you should sponsor me!

Thank you to my sponsors:

April - Kaisou, Emma, Valerie & Ava 

May 0.5 -Kaisou 

May 0.5 - Lori, Jordyn & Taylor Elliott

June 0.5 - Jaynie & Val

June 0.5 - Kinley Hayes

*July Available



I think I’d be a really nice horse to sponsor! I am very gentle and am super happy being petted. Sometimes I might sneak a quick nap in the crossties while I’m getting brushed. You’ll be able to tell because my lip will hang open. I have a super pretty coat. Sometimes, I forget that I’m grey and I roll in the grass until I’m more green than I am grey. I have a very comfy trot and I am a pretty sweet girl.

I am sponsored by:

April - Elana & Cassie

May 0.5 - Tihana Antic 

May 0.5 - Elana Post

*June & July Available


My big personality and adorable face aren’t the only reasons you should choose to sponsor me. I am a man of many talents. I was trained as an eventer and I came to Vector all the way from Ottawa! Another special talent I have is that I can smell my feed coming from a mile away! Do you have treats for me? I am also excellent at chewing on my friends blankets but we won’t talk about that.

Thank you to my sponsors:

April - Libby & Sydney

May 0.5 - Libby Wright

May 0.5 - Jayden Petrelli

*June & July Available



Hi! Do you have any treats for me? You do? That’s amazing. Would you like to sponsor me? That would be even better! I’m a super cool guy! I have competed in lots of shows including on the A circuit! Last year I was champion overall on BOTH of my divisions in the challenge series!! What can I say, I’m really cute. One of my favourite things to do is drink water out of the hose like a straw! I also really love to give kisses- especially if there are treats involved.

I am sponsored by:

April - Stef, Amara & Sydney

May 0.5 - Sophia Lloyd

May 0.5 - McCullough Family

*June & July Available


Hmm. Why should you sponsor me? I think that I am a very gentle and kind pony. I try my best to make everybody happy. I stand super duper still when I am being brushed and when my riders are getting on me. I always remember to use my manners. I love being brushed and petted. My show name is Mr. Right and I think that it’s fitting. I used to do lots of shows! I hope that the next time you see me you’ll stop in to say hello and maybe give me a few treats if you have some.

Thank you to my sponsors:

April - Indira & Family & the Fanshawe Equestrian Team

May 0.5 - Rebecca Tanti 

May 0.5 - Wendy Rose

*June & July Available


Hi I’m Maddi, also known as the Mad Hatter. I am very wise because I have been living this pony life for a long time! I’m retired now and all I do is eat, poop, eat, play, eat, sleep, repeat. Sandy and I are living our leisurely life together and I’d say we’re having lots of fun! Once upon a time I was a show pony and the school horse master! I love being a pony because I love all the attention I get from children! I am super kind and will put a smile on everyone’s face! Sponsor me and I’ll be smiling too!

Thank you to my sponsors:

April - Amara & The Fanshawe Equestrian Team

May - Jennifer Lecluse 

*June & July Available


I should get a sponsorship because I am a legend around the barn! I am a very fancy pony. I even showed at the Royal Winter Fair a long time ago with my human Stefanie! I have won many champion ribbons over the years but now I enjoy retired life. I love to hang out with my friend Maddi and eat lots of treats! I’m a little taller than Maddi but he’s the boss of the duo. That’s okay though because I’m the cuter one!

I am sponsored by:

April - Stef, Grace & Piper 

May 0.5 - Sophie Blaine-Allen

May 0.5 - Amara Duda

*June & July Available


Slurp. Sorry, it’s hard for me to answer questions with my tongue sticking out of my mouth. I would be a great horse to sponsor! I am small but mighty. When I was young, I showed in the metre jumper division! I jumped super tall jumps and I was super fast!! Now I’m loving my life teaching everyone what I love to do! Beneath my fuzzy coat, I have a super big heart. And just so you know, I really love treats. Am I allowed to stick my tongue out again now?

I am sponsored by:

April - Terry, Kathy & Kim

May 0.5 - Tina & Aislin Osborne

The rest of the summer I am sponsored by the Betts Family 




Oh my goodness! I would be so excited if you sponsored me! I am a very happy girl. Did you know that I am a thoroughbred? Well, the racehorse life doesn’t really suit me. I don’t understand how racehorses have so much energy! I like it better here at Vector instead. I get lots of treats and neck scratches. I sometimes nicker when people come to visit me. I love jumping and people say that I’m super cute!

I am sponsored by:

April - Jenna Black

May 0.5 - Jenna Black 

May 0.5 - Wendy Rose

*June & July Available


Hmm. Why should you sponsor me? Well, let me tell you. I’m a very sweet girl. I have the softest nose in the barn and I love it when people pat me! I am a princess and I love to have my picture taken. I’ll always put my ears forward! My canter is super comfy and I am a very good listener. And in case you were wondering, my belly has room for lots more treats.

Thank you to my sponsors:

April - Zoe & Natalie

May 0.5 - Danielle Lord

May 0.5 - Greg Atkinson

Treat providers - Ben & Kim Slamka & Ellen Fortune 🙂

*June & July Available


I am Reano and Vector has been my home for 11 years. I used to live in Europe and I jumped 1.3m jumps. Then I moved to Canada and my showing career continued. I had many successful years on the Trillium Circuit and have won Championships with many different riders. Even though I have shown for many years, I am a pretty simple guy. I would love to just lay down in my stall and enjoy a banana. If you can’t give me a sponsorship you can give me a banana instead!

I am Sponsored by:

April - Lee Ann and Melanie

May 0.5 - Melanie & Katie Chapman

May 0.5 - Caileigh Bowker

June - Bell Family 

How to Donate:

Step 1 : Fill out the form indicating which donation type and School horse(s) you would like to sponsor. *We will frequently update the website with availabilities

Step 2 : Sponsorship donations can be e-transfered to info@vectorequestrian.com.

Step 3 : We will email you to follow up with confirmation & next steps depending on the sponsorship type.

For further information or questions, please email christinamoniz91@gmail.com


Thank you for your support!

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