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PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting beginner riders into our lesson program. Riders must have a foundation in flat work (walk/trot/canter) and have started jumping in order to join our program.

To book an assessment lesson, please email

Vector Equestrian offers riding programs that focus on the progressive development of fundamental riding skills following Ontario Equestrian rider levels. Our experienced coaches teach safety and technique, with an emphasis on creating a fun learning environment for all.

Want to know more about our philosophy? Check out this video!

Assessment Lessons

Riders will be supervised in grooming/tacking up their horse followed by a 45-60 minute assessment of riding skills. Riders will then be supervised while they put their horse away. Total time is approx. 2 hrs.

These lessons are scheduled based on availability. Please email to book.

COST: $150 plus tax

WHAT TO BRING: Please note that as part of Covid-19 protocols, all students are required to bring the following equipment:

  • ASTM Certified riding helmet
  • Riding gloves
  • Grooming kit with brushes
  • Lead rope
  • Riding crop

A full package including all of these items can be purchased at your local Greenhawk location.

WHAT TO WEAR: Riders should wear the following:

  • sleeved shirts (no tank tops)
  • long pants (jeans are acceptable)
  • boots with a .5 to 1 inch heel (regular rubber boots are fine)
  • certified riding helmet
  • riding gloves

Regular Lesson Program

Lessons are booked and paid in advance by the month. Lessons are available weekdays, weeknights and on weekends.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

Lessons are booked and invoiced in advance by the month. Make-ups are provided for missed lessons where at least 24 hours’ notice is given. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are forfeit. No credit is provided for missed lessons. Make-ups are valid for three months from the date of the cancellation.


Monthly lesson package – includes four 45-60 minute group lessons/mth $260+HST
Individual lesson rates
45-60 Minute Group lesson (maximum 5 riders): $75+HST
45-60 Minute Private lesson (one or two riders): $120+HST
25-30 Minute Private lesson (one or two riders): $60+HST